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other six fingered glove

a spare finger
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I work moving concrete blocks around. I wear gloves out frequently, but usually just the fingers. This is a simple idea. the extra finger stays beyond the pinky, and when a finger is worn out, take off the glove and put it on again, but this time with all the fingers in complete finger places ( is there a word for those?). that way, if you wear out one finger, you don't have to get a new glove or stop and get your duct tape. It could also come witha spare thumb, too
schematics, Jun 07 2004


       do you actually need gloves? seems to me you just need *fingers*
po, Jun 08 2004

       has anyone propsed a system of gloves that have seperately made fingers and hands?   

       Combine finger only gloves with fingerless glove and you are onto a winner
engineer1, Jun 08 2004

       or perhaps a spare set of gloves?
hackermaster, Jun 08 2004

       Bah! Make all fingers with velcro attachments. When one wears out, replace it with one of the numerable spares.
DesertFox, Jun 08 2004

       All your base are belong to us!   

       I think a windmill could be added here.
hackermaster, Jun 09 2004

       how about reversible (no top/bottom) gloves? when the fingers wear out, just switch hands.
swimr, Jun 12 2004

       I'm not a fan of your tactics. Instead of addressing the problem (gloves wear out the fingers), you're sort of ignoring it (add more fingers so that doesn't stop you). However, ignoring problems have worked in the past, and if you're going through multiple pairs of gloves on a regular basis, this would be a viable solution, even if not the most viable solution. [+]
Cheekio, Jun 13 2004

       Not fair [Zanzibar], I wanted to say that!   

       Wouldn't the spare 'finger' get in the way when you are doing things? And wouldn't it look pretty silly?
RobertKidney, Jun 13 2004

       Just turn the extra fingers and thumbs inside out, so they're tucked into the glove until you need them.
Bootbuckles, Aug 09 2010

       Make them round, with about forty fingers, radiating like a kid-art sun, with a thumb in every fifth place. Put Velcro on the back of the fingers so that they can be stuck to the back of the glove and wrist, out of the way, forming a gauntlet cuff sort of thing.
nomocrow, Aug 11 2010

       I'm personally a fan of the seven-fingered variant. Once you have more than ten fingers to a glove, you might as well just carry spare gloves.
Bootbuckles, Aug 11 2010

       // ( is there a word for those?)// ~ schematics   

       Polydactyl. Probably the most (in)famous polydactyl person in history was the giant Goliath in the bible (and his brother). Or maybe Anne Boleyn.
Wily Peyote, Aug 13 2010


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