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Protect Your Fingers
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Have you ever smashed your finger with a hammer, or cut yourself while working with a saw or knife? Well fret no more! My new gloves, utilizing my patented STEELFINGER* technology, will protect you!

They work much like steel-toed boots. Each finger has a thin but strong stainless steel insert to protect your fingertips when working with sharp or bludgeoning tools. The steel is protected from rust and dings by rubberized grips on the exterior of the glove, while the interior is made of a thin layer of leather.

Plus, they're MODULAR!!!! Does your job require require protection of more than just the fingertips, or do you just need to protect certain fingers? Additional inserts can be added to your order for only 15 cents per insert. Rigid Plates for the tops of your hands and/or Flexible PALM PLATES* can be also be added for 50 cents per plate!


(This is a fictional advertisement. no above-mentioned patents really exist to the knowlege of the author)

21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

Steel Finger Guards http://www.amazon.c...104-4632323-3487963
...turn out to be Baked for the kitchen. Although not in glove format. [DrCurry, Jan 18 2006]

Another solution http://www.mcfeelys...?productID=nga-0010
...while you're waiting for someone to bake 21's gloves. [DrCurry, Jan 18 2006]

For righties only http://www.peauceros.com/gb/taille.ideal
[Shz, Jan 18 2006]

kevlar http://www.hutter.n...080_020_kevlar.html
[zeno, Jan 19 2006]

Chain mail glove http://www.seton-nl...n_-_inox_malien.asp
[zeno, Jan 19 2006]


       May I point out that in the UK gloves are becoming compulsory for all operatives on building sites?.
This is regardless of the fact that hand injuries (being one of the main injuries on site) are principally found amongst labourers who are typically less skilled, less well trained, lower paid and have a poorer command of the English language than most other operatives.
I keep asking people how I can operate my laptop or deal with VERY fiddly cables whilst wearing gloves but so far the answer has been "It's the Rules!".
I suspect that anyone trying to pick up a nail or tack in a steel fingered glove might look a tad silly!.
I like the good Doctor's second link, though.
gnomethang, Jan 18 2006

       Sorry, I originally had the title in all caps, but my comp screwed up and froze, so it probably played with the title screen while I was hitting Caps Lock repeatedly to make it work before I realized it was frozen. My apologies.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       Also, the inserts could be magnetized on the palm-side of the finger to assist with something like that.

       Hadn't thought of that [Una]...back to the drawing board.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       One of my co-workers just showed me a new kind of "steel"-toed boot that uses a type of composite material that's a lot thinner, and lighter, than steel. Perhaps that could work better in my gloves as well.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       [Picturing a whole office devoted to posting things on the Halfbakery.]
DrCurry, Jan 18 2006

       [admin: I don't allow all-caps attention-grabbing titles - if you post something with an all-caps title that is a regular word (fake advertising or not), a moderator will rename it to lower case.]
jutta, Jan 18 2006

       Relax, it's not *that* big an office. There's only 3 of us here today.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       I am thinking you could put something together like a knight's gauntlet, a pretty solid hand-covering thing that could take a hammer (or sword!) blow, while your fingers were free to move about underneath, with a slot to allow you to hold nails and things without exposing the fingers.
DrCurry, Jan 18 2006

       AHA! That's it! I think certain types of gauntlets consisted of a leather glove with metal only covering the back of the hand and back-of-hand portions of the fingers. They left the palms with only leather for a better grip on the sword. And if instead of metal was made of a lightweight-yet-just-as-strong composite, it would be quite effective.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       I can just imagine some poor electrician being forced to wear metal-fingered gloves for protection because of some law, and getting zapped.
DesertFox, Jan 18 2006

       Electrocution would be solved by using the non-metalic composite material.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2006

       Strange, I thought "Steelfinger" was what you put on, once you have cut one of the originals off by accident.
Ling, Jan 18 2006

       I remember in my younger days, when I played cricket, our backstop gloves had steel fingertips in them.
Because it was junior grade cricket, however, we rotated fielding positions - so each of us would spend 1 over as backstop. Of course the gloves (there were only one pair) were always full of this weird greasy sweaty stuff that made your hands smell.
So, yeah. baked. sorta.
andrew1, Apr 27 2008

       Custard-filled gloves?
marklar, Apr 27 2008

He's the man, the man with one claim to fame:
A cannon’s aim.
Such a flat finger.
Takes a nail and then promptly whacks his thumb,
This guy is dumb!

       Estimates he will pour in your ear,
But the gauntlets disguise what you fear.
For a clever girl knows when he's working faster --
It's the need for
Extra plaster --


Pretty girl, beware of this torpid heel,
This heart is steel.
He loves only steel,
And custard-filled gloves.
No wait. Only steel.
He loves only steel,
Only steel.
He loves steel!
Amos Kito, Apr 27 2008


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