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Double-thumbed Gardening Glove

It's not like I do any gardening now, but...
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I used to work as a gardener. Being right-handed I noticed that my right glove always wore out first. I also noticed that when screwed up in the corner of the van a left-handed glove looks very much like a right-handed glove.

Now you could solve this by selling left and right gloves individually. You could even have gloves with the backs of the hands reinforced so that you can flip them over and wear them on the other hand.

What I propose is far more cunnning: Make gardening gloves with two thumbs. You could then wear them on either hand, folding up the spare thumb and securing it to the back of the hand with a velcro panel. The little finger of the glove would be a bit long (as it would also have to fit the index finger of the other hand) but as gardening gloves are are generally quite loose this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Also useful for people with two thumbs (per hand).

st3f, Apr 22 2002

Easy-grip gloves http://www.halfbake.../Easy-grip_20gloves
sadie's opposable thumb glove idea. [st3f, Apr 23 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Everything I plant dies. I would vote for a green-thumbed gardening glove.
angel, Apr 22 2002

       This seems very similar to the self-righting gloves, above.
waugsqueke, Apr 22 2002

       Anything which promotes thumbs is OK by me, though I'd suggest modifying fabric choice at pivot points so as to create an ambidextrous glove.
thumbwax, Apr 22 2002

       what about gardening gloves for species which don't have opposable thumbs? incorporating a mechanical thumb which would work in either direction, to maintain the ambidextrality of the glove.
sappho, Apr 22 2002

       I think this is a good idea and only similar to "self righting gloves" because the end use is the same. +
bristolz, Apr 22 2002

       I'm disappointed. What i thought you were going to suggest was a glove whose opposite thumb moves along with the real thumb, making it easier to grip things.
sadie, Apr 22 2002

       sadie: Ooooo! Write it up! I'd vote for that.
Dog Ed, Apr 23 2002

       Tis done. Look above.
sadie, Apr 23 2002

       This just sucks. I was just about to post the "Disposable Thumb" idea.
theircompetitor, Apr 14 2004

       great idea the number of odd gardening gloves we have at home, going out to fill the coal bucket means grabbing a glove as i only use one to lift the coal, means lots of left hand gloves left over when the right doesn't make it back.
engineer1, Jun 07 2004


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