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finger trousers
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“Now those jeans I like! Hey, what’re these tiny pants hanging on the label?”
”Digipants. You haven’t heard of them? They’re big on the West Coast.”
”They are cute – same color and cut as the jeans. Is it some Barbie thing?”
“No, it’s an accessory for body adornment. You pull them on two of your fingers. I’m not kidding, they’re in stretch fabric and you close the little fly.”
“Coooell. Like an extra pair of legs attired in matching leggings. Why does this pair have two sets of Digipants?”
“That’s for when you’re together with someone. You and your boyfriend, who has also bought pants with Digipants, switch one of the pairs, and you each wear a pair of his Lilliputian pants on your index and middle fingers and wear one of yours on your ring and little fingers.”
“Ah, so we’re together, side by side even when we’re not. Now all I need is to find some pink shoes that match my manicure.”
FarmerJohn, Aug 12 2004

These should fit. http://www.ezibuyco...var_15918_Black.jpg
[skinflaps, Oct 05 2004]


       "Let your fingers do the walking", sorry couldn't resist.
skinflaps, Aug 12 2004

       Why... ...am I not surprised it's you, FarmerJohn? ...would I want these?
david_scothern, Aug 12 2004

       If you own pink shoes, yes.
FarmerJohn, Aug 12 2004


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