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Riverdancing Gloves

table top dancing fingers
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Riverdancing Gloves come in two versions. Male dancer and female dancer. They are intended to be worn by children, though an adult size could be produced.

They differ from ordinary gloves in respect of the design of the first two fingers. These have been re-modelled as two shapely dancer's legs, that terminate in miniature dancing shoes. Little skirts, or trouser detail for the boys, completes the arrangement.

This means that a set of friends can now choreograph a table top version of the famous Riverdance, using their appropriately clad fingers.

Rude Can-Can Gloves under consideration for adult market.

xenzag, Jan 16 2014

Not entirely relevant maybe but... https://www.youtube...watch?v=iANRO3I30nM
...these two would be all over it. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 16 2014]

Finger Breakdance https://www.youtube...watch?v=-BwwgoJoBEM
Finger Breakdance [cthulhuJon, Jan 17 2014]


       I don't think one's fingers can move in the same way as legs. It could be a cute idea, but somehow I always thought River Dancers bent the knees sideways and also they make loud tapping noises with their shoes. There would have to be lead weights attached to make such noises from fingers.
xandram, Jan 16 2014

       The 'snap' of tap cleats could be simulated by using an emery cloth dance surface and fingertip-mounted flints, possibly enhanced by embedded fulminate of something-or- other. It could add a nifty sparking effect as well.   

       This makes me think of the Cheetos advertisement currently running in the US featuring a Bruce Lee style finger-duel. If the--I don't know, call them hand actors?--if the hand actors in that ad can do a high-flying kung fu duel, I'll buy Irish stepdancing as a possibility.
Alterother, Jan 16 2014

       Makes me think of a recent internet meme. [link]   


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