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Drag Racer: Urinal Edition

20 Seconds of Entertainment (your bladder may vary)
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The bottom of the urinal is ridged so that there are 4 parallel channels of equal width leading to the drain. At the top of each channel is a lightweight urinal lolly shaped like a drag racer. Let fly and the lollies will race each other to the drain.

Optional extra: a 4-pronged rake to clear the track of crud and reposition the racers for the next person.

Does anyone remember the 2 player marble flicky game that this is based on? Asking the Brit workmates about it has proved totally fruitless ("pissing games? luxury!")

oscil8, Jan 22 2003

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       Or piss onto the end of a see-saw, which sends a little marker up a pole to ring a bell.
my face your, Jan 22 2003

       Ok, this was funny. Plus I think it would be a hit at the bars. I'd be getting tanked just to run back to the bathroom to beat my friends at Whiz Wiz.
TBK, Jan 22 2003

       Only one rule: No hands.
FarmerJohn, Jan 23 2003

       I remember that game, but I don't see the connection. Blue and green and black and plastic, and it got steeper and narrower, right? Fun, or maybe it was the other person and the firewater. :-) / nostalgia
bdh, Jul 12 2005


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