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urinal funfair game

measure quantity of urine in urinals to calculate a high score!
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as a means of controlling "spillover" attach a coin slot next to urinals. inserting 25cents turns on "the game" which is similar to the game at fairgrounds where you take a gun and try to fill up the balloon. a digital counter reads the quantity of urine collected in the drain. it will focus the urine where it should be focused, in the drain. all money goes to charity. high score winners spotlighted! one-on-one matches! no urine on the floor!
tom_phelts, Jun 26 2000

urinals http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/urinals
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http://www.bbc.co.u...technology-15923438 Baked! - the best bit is the description of the moment of discovery of this invention as a "Urethra Moment". [hippo, Nov 28 2011]


       I really cannot imagine a female version of this game. We'd run out the clock waiting in line for an available booth. On the other hand, perhaps we could have a companion event: Menstrual Pad Pictures. Points given for the most artistic renderings.
wordmama, Jul 03 2000

       This was featured on an episode of "The Man Show" (hey, it was on after South Park), billed as "The Carnival Urinal."
bookworm, Jul 04 2000

       Tom Green, "But I thought the people were part of the game."
nick_n_uit, May 20 2001

       Uh-oh, here come the mushroom-eating reindeer again.
Dog Ed, May 21 2001

       Wow. Here I thought I was the only one twisted enough to think of this. Well, apparently so far I'm the only one twisted enough to actually BUILD it. That's right, it actually works. I've been engineering it for quite some time now and had put up a "secretive" web page about it. It's working, and the all-important urine sensor is cheap, reliable, solid-state and disposable. It currently features a 60-second programmable audio chip for attract mode. I was planning on adding a video transmitter and OSD IC so people outside the bathroom can watch your score (and only the score!) and cheer you on.   


       Obviously, not in final housing, but the electronics are 100% working. The LED's are 2.4" tall, and are meant to be seen from behind a frosted plexiglass facade. The estimated production costs for the full machine will be in the neighborhood of $100 and sell for $600-$1000 to amusement machine operators and nightclub owners. The art and audio can be changed for different themes. My original idea was for a USA motif, with a picture of Osama Bin Laden as the target. (Mouth open, of course.) I don't think I would be able to build these machines fast enough to meet demand. :-)   

       I am a video game developer and I just don't have any time or the expertise to develop this into a full product. If you would like to buy this outright (prototype + schematic), please feel free to contact me.   

jobie, Aug 20 2002

       I've got 37¢ (U.S.)
If you get around to building one of these for the wimmenfolk - call it "Unfair Game" - I'll up it to 75 big ones. More than double the money.
thumbwax, Aug 20 2002

       //If you get around to building one of these for the wimmenfolk - call it "Unfair Game" - I'll up it to 75 big ones. More than double the money.//   

       See Brycoli link. LOL!
FloridaManatee, Feb 12 2003


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