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urinate on whoever you like!
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Ok, I'm always thoroughly amused when someone sticks a picture on a urinal for everyone to pee on (i've seen a few bush ones lately, the wierdest one i saw was david hasslehoff).

Its gotten me thinking, and this wouldn't have much practical use. but my idea would be to have a urinal with about a 7 inch lcd screen in the middle of the bowl, covered by waterproof plastic of course. On the top would be rudamentary buttons for navigating the software, and a usb port on the side.

the user would upload photos, and they would be displayed in the LCD screen in the bowl, voiala! I can see the ads now, "Don't take out your anger on people, just Cristinate! the Cristinator!"

pretty impractial, but if i was filthy rich i'd buy it.

backdoorangel, Dec 08 2006


       {quwest} just use the memory card. You would need to charge xdollars for x days, x+5/day to remove early.
pydor, Dec 08 2006

po, Dec 08 2006

       sp. whomever.
DrCurry, Dec 08 2006

       do you know robert redford has his own face printed on his toilet paper/dub rub, he says it keeps his head out of the clouds, keeps him realistic, "hey me, i'm gonna wipe my arse on my face!"
Stork, Dec 08 2006

       And you have a reference for that story, right?
jutta, Dec 08 2006


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