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Games on Urinals!
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I know what you're thinking you sickos. There will be no sword fighting.

I'm thinking a multi-touch surface similar to apple's or microsoft's new products. Adhere this to the inside of the urinal, touch-side out. Run some simple arcade software of gun targets, or timers, or a game of "Fire Peetrol" putting out digital fires with your urine AND keep score!

Now, that's fun.

Even better? An RFID reader that accesses a database of "people that you dislike" images and displays them in the urinal!

Holeinmysock, Oct 17 2007

Interactive toilet makes a splash http://www.reuters....2703&videoChannel=4
It was bound to happen [senatorjam, May 22 2008]

Sega's take on the problem http://www.popsci.c...lets-you-pee-points
[theircompetitor, Dec 15 2010]

Review of "On the piste", some footage http://www.bbc.co.u...technology-15923438
Seems like the BBC digs up this topic about once per year. [jutta, Dec 04 2011]


       "Damn, I nearly beat my high score then I ran out of piss"   

       Is cheating allowed?
skinflaps, Oct 17 2007

       Would you really want help? haha =)
Holeinmysock, Oct 17 2007

       //Would you really want help?//   

       I thought that someone might be able to take over once I've ran out of ammo.
skinflaps, Oct 17 2007

       During the world cup, I remember seeing lots of goals, with dangling footballs suspended from the crossbar, installed in pub urinals, affording the micturating football fan the opportunity to emulate the achievements of his heroes, but with piss.
zen_tom, Oct 17 2007

       Do you get a negitve score in the game if you take a dump in the urinal?
slippyfist, Oct 17 2007

       Space Invaders. They move from left to right, gradually working their way down the urinal. If they reach the bottom, a valve closes the drain hole ... splashback!
Wrongfellow, Oct 17 2007

       "Do you get a negitve score in the game if you take a dump in the urinal?"
4whom, Oct 17 2007

       Prostate inflamation.   

       "Jeez, Bruce. Yu legs are crossed, yu got beads o sweat, yu eyes are popping out? Ya sure yu dana need the dunny?"
"Nah, mate. Give us anuther castlemaine, arm trynna beat the high score."
4whom, Oct 17 2007

       I believe I saw this on TechTV a few years back. A lcd game system with urine detector mounted to urinals to encourage proper aim.
Spacecoyote, Oct 17 2007

       I'd go for Tetris.
skinflaps, Oct 17 2007

       I can't help thinking the title is some kind of Japanese art form.
phundug, Oct 17 2007

       The cops in Australia put thermochromatic stickers on urinals. When you pee on them they say "aim below 0.05", which is the blood alcohol concentration limit
sprogga, May 23 2008

       Great idea! Pissing has gotten so boring that I find it hard to motivate myself to do it anymore.
Flipmastacash, May 23 2008


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