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Urinal Party Cakes

pretty up those cakes
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Decorative urinal cakes in a number of ‘flavors’ including Buttercream, Lemon and Rum Raisin, frosted in Dichlorobenzene ‘Ganache’ with Naphthalene ‘Sugarpaste’ floral motifs. Also available with candles for birthdays, holidays and sporting events.
nuclear hobo, Mar 25 2007

Prototype http://drludicrous....-cake-messages.html
[jutta, Mar 25 2007]

Travel Mate http://www.travelma...fo.com/page002.html
for women [nuclear hobo, Mar 26 2007]


       + haha, that's cute.
How about one shaped like a little yellow duck that bobs its head up and down? (If you aim right.)
xandram, Mar 25 2007

       Now you're on to something. How about a kind of pinball setup where you can deflect the balls into high score holes by deftly aiming your urine. The mens room might get sort of crowded during tournaments. Women might get pissed off because they can't compete
JSand, Mar 25 2007

       Women can play, too! [link]
nuclear hobo, Mar 26 2007

       So, is that a Travel Mate in your pocket or am I just totally confused?
daseva, Mar 26 2007

       I'd swear I saw that idea on Dragon's Den, or something similar a while ago.   

       [+] for the idea, although I'm not quite sure what message you're trying to get across with Rum Raisin urinal cakes.
hidden truths, Mar 26 2007

       The message: those ain't raisins.
bungston, Dec 04 2011


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