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Urinal puzzles

Games people play
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In the pub's lav, above the urinal , attached to the wall at eye level are those little tile word puzzles you got as a kid. Shuffle the letters round to spell out the word. When you get it right, it lights up and spits out a ticket entitling you to a free pint at the bar. If you finish what you're really there for without getting the word, you probably won't be too arsed about it, so you go off back to your mates.

Letters are digital displays, randomly reassorted after each successful completion.

Ladies version on the back of lav door, obviously.

Now wash your hands.

saker, May 14 2003

"Urine Control" at MIT Media Lab http://web.media.mi...3/urinecontrol.html
[pluterday]'s suggestion has actually been baked! [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]


       Anything that gets me a free pint gets my vote, despite my doubts about how many unwashed hands have been pushing the letters around.
scubadooper, May 14 2003

       Same number of people that touched the door handle, the flush handle, the tap handles, etc. But thanks for the vote... the pint's on me.
saker, May 14 2003

       You could get rid of all this touching business by using the stream to move the letters. Over the years it could become a minor sport, with it’s own peculiar language.

<year’s later, in the pub’s lav> Looking at the old man at adjacent urinal, he thought, “quite the piss-puzzler in his youth, but now he’s just a dribbler”.
pluterday, May 14 2003

       Believe it or not, [pluter], what you suggest has actually been baked by some researchers at MIT. I was going to post an idea about using the stream in a urinal this way until I found out about this. They even use it to play a game in their example. See link.
krelnik, May 14 2003

       You better not mix up the "finger" version with the "urine stream" version or visa versa.
breuk1, May 14 2003

       Jolly good find, krelnik. The video especially. (Those external bladder devices are wicked fun.)
pluterday, May 14 2003

       Nice idea! For [Krelnik & Pluterday]- Hmmm, slightly skeptical-imagine the frustration when your urine stream dries up, just as you are about to move the final piece and complete the puzzle...
cevilthedevil, May 21 2003

       //attached to the wall at eye level are those little tile word puzzles you got as a kid. Shuffle the letters round to spell out the word//   

       Perhaps a little lower down? I can't coordinate the flow accurately enough to shuffle pieces at eye level without significant splash-back.   

       And how are the poor women going to reach the lav door?
FloridaManatee, May 21 2003


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