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Skee Urinal

"Hells yes, I got like, 200 this time!"
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Ever see one of those things at Chuck E. Cheese where you hurl a small heavy ball up a ramp and into a target area comprised of circular walls, each one with a different point value assigned to it inversely proportionate to it's size? Skee ball?

My urinal would be a smaller version of that. Score would be based on the accuracy of your stream, adjusted for time. Wall-mounted, so if you try and climb onto it in order to cheat like in regular skee ball, it'll crack off the wall.

No one cheats Skee Urinal.

notmarkflynn, Sep 01 2007


       While we're at it, we might as well have urinal waterwheels that generate part of the electricity it takes to pump the water that flushes them.
monk, Sep 01 2007

       Oh. Ok.
monk, Sep 01 2007

       How about a very lightweight ball that you pee onto, with the goal of using your pee to push the ball into one of the target holes?
phundug, Sep 01 2007

       I recall several years ago reading a men's room sign that said "We aim to please. We ask that you aim, too, please!"
Canuck, Sep 02 2007

       there's a lot of urinals over here in Germany with a little fly either painted directly onto the ceramic of the urinal, or modelled onto the mat inside. It is said to strongly increase concentration on aiming. Personally i got bored after the first few visits to the toilet, but if there is something to win in those skeeball games(?)...
loonquawl, Sep 03 2007

       //Personally i got bored after the first few visits to the toilet//
But you keep going, right?
ldischler, Sep 03 2007

       There's no real prize, just the thrill of competion.
notmarkflynn, Sep 03 2007

       I see that after much deliberation, I removed my "urine Mill; the yellow water wheel" idea from the halfbakery, as it was enormously redundant.   

       Sadly, this also deleted the links which showed that uric acid can be incorporated into use with batteries to generate electric potential. I suspect that if you just included a few anodes and cathodes in a holding tank, you could generate nearly as much power as the wheel would make, at lower construction and maintenance costs.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 03 2007

       /(do humans emit methane from that end like cows do?)/   

       Most methane from cows is emitted from the mouth.
Texticle, Sep 04 2007

       Because people tend to think that methane = farts, have a wee snigger, and don't consider the matter any further.
Texticle, Sep 04 2007

       <nemesis>notmarkflynn has returned, but in his absense he has only made himself more pathetic and puerile. I laugh in the face of your pathetic idea. Hah hah hah!</nemesis>
dbmag9, Sep 08 2007

       dbmag9, you are the best nemesis ever. I can always count on you.
notmarkflynn, Sep 09 2007

       <nemesis>I know.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Sep 09 2007


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