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Toilet Targeting Training Pinball Game for Guys

Pseudo Pinball Game for the Bathroom
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I have heard plenty of complaining about how most guys seem to have great difficulty in actually hitting what they’re aiming at when relieving themselves. (Some might say we’re easily distracted) The TTTPGG device would fit over the toilet and resemble an old pinball machine. Sensors all around the rim would detect where the stream is, and award the most points for a dead-center hit. Lights! Bells! Point meter stacking points up like cord wood! A rim shot will garner the fewest points. Splashing any outside the rim, on the scoreboard, on the walls, floor, ceiling, overhead light fixtures, wash basin, bathtub, linen closet, etc. would be equal to a TILT and end the game. Playing the game from a very early age, boys would grow up to become expert marksmen in the bathroom. Although the whole idea is to train the boys to improve their aim, the girls would have fun playing as well… and enjoy a decided edge in scoring since they can easily position themselves over the bulls-eye. This should spur the boys on to try to outscore the girls.

Note that cats trained to use the toilet will score poorly.

Grogster, Jul 18 2010

Wee targets http://www.gizmag.c...ilet-training/8562/
Toilet-training targets. Changes picture when hit. No lights or bells, though. [Cedar Park, Jul 18 2010]

Goooooooooooaaal! http://pics.nerdnir...1/soccer-urinal.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 18 2010]


       A World Wide What?
pocmloc, Jul 18 2010

       Hmmmm, world wide, eh, [cod]? By golly, that's not a bad idea... we could also connect it to the internet and allow multi-user competitions! "...Quick, pass me something to drink, I'm running low on ammunition!!!..."
Grogster, Jul 18 2010

       Perhaps to make it a just a bit more fair between the boys and girls, the game must be played SEAT UP to make it a tad harder for the girls to simply camp over the bulls-eye... (Sorry, girls)
Grogster, Jul 18 2010

       [poc], World Wide Wizz?
Grogster, Jul 18 2010

       Oh for goodness' sake.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2010


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