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[May 25 2001, last modified Dec 07 2004]
(-2) Adult Travel Stroller
 Bib edged tablecloth.
(+3) Bicycle Walker
(+1) Bulk Rate Mailbox
(+5) Cereal Serial Novel
(+1) Chip Handles
 Coffee Cup of Shame
(+17, -2)(+17, -2) Coffee Jelly Donuts
(+2, -1) Cooperative Thermostat Settings
(-1) Cruise Trucks
 Directional Dog Bark Amplifier
(+4) Dramatic Lighting Accessories
 Electric Car Pantograph
 Electroshock Turn Enforcement Toy
(+13, -2)(+13, -2) Exotic Bottled Water
(+11, -6) Fake End of the World
(+8, -4) FedEx Style Air Travel
 Food Processing Garbage Disposal
(+13)(+13) Hanging Printer
(+7, -3) Invisible Television
(+2, -1) Natural Maggot Poison Antidote
(+25)(+25)(+25) P2P Parking Meter Network
(+1) Personal Alibi System
 Personal Photobot.
(+14)(+14) Phone Backspace Tone
(+1) Post-it Monitor
 Pre-dinged New Car Doors.
(+1) Sleep Deprivation Trainer
(+5, -1) Tri-sketball

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