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Cetacean Taint

Protect them by making them inedible
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Blowing the Japanese <ahem> "research whaling fleet" <ahem/> out of the water is not an option... however tempting... Nor does it seem possible to physically halt the destruction of the world's shark populations. In my own country, critically endangered marine mammals are still subject to human predation under native hunting rights.

Now it looks as though Bush has done a dirty, under the table, deal to stay silent on Japan targeting Humpbacks, in return for allowing US beef back into Japan. Nice one for the planet, George.

How to stop all this? Make their meat stink. Make the eating of their flesh cause a gag reflex. Make the act of cooking their flesh result in a reek of foul smells.

By diverting all resources currently used to combat these activities into the production and delivery of harmless and nutritious stink pellets to be spread around the world and scattered wherever whales, sharks, dugongs, manatees, dolphins, loggerheads, etc, etc, are being taken.

Stick that on your hibachi and smoke it.

ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 20 2005

Meth Dye http://www.foxnews....2933,129663,00.html
This dye that they put in ingredients that make up meth. In association with this, we can catch all whale eaters pink handed. [Blumster, Apr 22 2005]

(?) Garment care label politics http://john.hoke.or..._and_do_not_bleach/
For [dentworth] - here's a US company that did apologise. [wagster, Apr 22 2005]

Original source of [Wags]'s link http://www.dailykos...004/10/7/195425/367
[pocmloc, Oct 31 2010]


       Or you could start a whale farm.
angel, Apr 20 2005

       Are whales hunted to eat the flesh? I thought it was more for the fat and parts of their bodies unknown to me, such that can be used in the cosmetics industry, or are basic ingredients for potions.   

       + for the idea, it must be possible to make them eat something that does not harm them but makes their flesh undesireable.
zeno, Apr 20 2005

       it was rumored [zeno] that the corndogs we could buy from street vendors in Japan, were actually whale meat. sweeter than pork, very fatty.   

       and also, + [consul] for a passionate rant. wish I could apologize for Bush, too.
dentworth, Apr 20 2005

       I like the notion of whale farming, on a similar, if slightly larger, model to salmon farming.
calum, Apr 20 2005

       The penetrating odor of durian comes to mind, now only to find a way to apply it so it stays that way like festering limburger.Now I think I understand why the pale yellow large sections within are simply called "phuu"
skinflaps, Apr 20 2005

       Presumably, when the whale population becomes small enough, it will become economically feasible to outnumber them with robotic simulated decoy whales. And if it doesn't work, well, we'll still have a bunch of robotic whales.
Basepair, Apr 20 2005

       Yes, but can we put lasers on their heads?
Chrontius, Apr 20 2005

       I have it from a reliable source, an old salt, that dolphin tastes like veal. Couldn't say, myself, never having tried either one.   

       I do take my share of lobster and calico bass, however.
normzone, Apr 21 2005

       What of the poor Eskimos, who hunt whale to survive, not profit?
Shz, Apr 21 2005

       Would this make them less likely to breed? "Oh honey, what did you eat, anyway?"
RayfordSteele, Apr 21 2005

       This is like the best implementable idea I think I've ever seen on this website. I can only pray that some greenpeace crazies happen upon it and do it.
Blumster, Apr 21 2005

       Rather than trick the whales into eating some sort of loathsome pellet, I think it would be better to shoot them with a dart of some sort that leaches out stink. This will get the stink into the unwily whales who are the most likely to be caught by the japanese. Wily whales who avoid the stink darts will also probably avoid the whalers.   

       I wonder what becomes of the dolphin bycatch. I guarantee that no caught fish goes to waste. Do the dolphins get processed into fishmeal with the rest of the bycatch?
bungston, Apr 21 2005

       It occurs to me that even better than stink would be to inoculate the whales with some sort of disease which would not hurt them, but would hurt people which ate their meat. Maybe cysticercosis? I think the knoweldge that the whales might carry disease should put people off eating them.
bungston, Apr 21 2005

       Something that dyes people pink who eat it, kinda like they did with crystal meth, by adding dye to a vital ingredient. Link.
Blumster, Apr 22 2005

       [bung] - "Ugh - the whales are carrying disease! We must exterminate them immediately..."
wagster, Apr 22 2005

       If some apparently-reputable scientist were to 'discover' mad whale disease, then the Japanese government could reassure the public that whale products were still perfectly safe to eat. That should knock whalemeat sales on the head for a while.
Basepair, Apr 22 2005

       I thought whale meat already stank.   

       Then again, I feel that way about almost all seafood.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 30 2010

       I thought this was going to have something to do with the area on a whale's body that lies between the anus and its genital opening. Funny title.
Boomershine, Nov 01 2010

       I'm glad somebody else said it first.
normzone, Nov 01 2010

       [norm]//I'm glad somebody else said it first.//   

       But, I knew somebody else had to be thinking it.
Boomershine, Nov 02 2010

       toxic levels of lead have not deterred anyone. I suppose a stench is the right idea.
fishboner, Nov 02 2010

       I think this is just reinventing the whale.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2014

       Well, we say "stop killing the whales", and they say, "well you killed more of them than we ever could.."   

       Anyway, always fun to look at the whale watching boats, all the gaijin are holding cameras and all the Japanese are holding chopsticks.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 22 2014

       or you could stop whining about killing the whales like it's some how more cruel or harmful than anything else out there. I mean, it's maybe kinda more cruel than most livestock slaughter, because whales are so smart, so I would imagine their understanding and therefore suffereing is greater, but honestly there are worse things. How about chinese bile bears? And the whole endanger thing is bogus too, it's not like the Japanese and danish (or whoever) are taking tons of these creatures; it's relatively few a year, especially compared to the population.   

       No, I suspect the focus on the whales is that they're so big and odd they have that "magical" quality to humans, like elephants do. But objectively no reason to lament its light more than any other animal we hunt.
EdwinBakery, Feb 23 2014

       I'm pretty sure that more gorillas are killed for bushmeat than whales are for food.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2014

       Here's a possible method. Create a retrovirus that targets only cetaceans. Have it inject the genes for the foul odor of the durian into the genes for the cetaceans' muscle and fat cells. Give it to the cetaceans somehow.
notexactly, Jul 01 2019

       I applied for a license to hunt Japanese with exploding harpoons, in order to scientifically establish their numbers. I proposed processing the carcasses then selling them as a tinned delicacy. This is the exact logic that the Japanese use to exterminate whales. My application remains unanswered, so must send a reminder.
xenzag, Jul 01 2019


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