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 time travel radio  jutta  Mar 07 97 
 Low-bandwidth broadcast of spatially relevant information 
 turn-alone  jutta  Mar 07 97 
 Stand-alone turntable for microwave ovens 
 proportional honking  jutta  May 27 97 
 Car horn volume is sometimes too high 
 multilingual friends network  jutta  Sep 27 97 
 Free translations 
 computerized lock  jutta  Oct 28 97 
 Scan, compute, and authorize. 
 electric pillbox  jutta  Jan 29 98 
 Contraceptive Pill container with built-in remainder service. 
 font morphing  jutta  Mar 01 98 
 How to get from A to B 
 laundry balls  jutta  Jul 15 98 
 Time release capsules for fabric softener 
 frequency translator  jutta  Nov 25 98 
 Translate audio into vibrations 
 valvo  jutta  Nov 30 98 
 Rubber toy figure with valves between limbs 
 pop thesaurus  jutta  Dec 18 98 
 catalogue pop song meanings 
 high-end whiteboards  jutta  Dec 24 98 
 Whiteboards as a luxury item 
 transcripTV  jutta  Dec 29 98 
 TV Transcription Service 
 backdrops  jutta  Jan 04 99 
 Fake backdrops for video conferencing 
 two-way drones  jutta  Jan 10 99 
 Terminals that can ask questions 
 desktop videophone  jutta  Jan 22 99 
 Use one-way mirrors to hide the camera 
 future email address  jutta  Jan 27 99 
 light-sensing display  jutta  Apr 08 99 
 Virtual Living Room  jutta  May 04 99 
 A web site combining TV listings and per-program chat channels. 
 meta-browser  jutta  Jun 08 99 
 Netscape for real. 
 fish-tea  jutta  Aug 09 99 
 Fish-shaped tea bags 
 nose cam  jutta  Aug 10 99 
 Camera with indentation for the user's nose. 
 milliMach  mab  Aug 10 99 
 Universal unit of velocity 
 Controller  cmcmanis  Aug 11 99 
 High durability control device for harsh environments (bars) 
 e-recess  naia  Aug 11 99 
 required online morning break for employees 
 time shift  mab  Aug 12 99 
 adjust daily schedule by eight hours 
 vote histogram  jutta  Aug 12 99 
 Display incidence of votes over time 
 rainbow cars  jutta  Aug 13 99 
 Drive behind a car of adjacent hue. 
 C exception handling macros  jutta  Aug 13 99 
 Goto considered helpful 
 school bus driver  bretp  Aug 13 99 
 how to make it a better job 
 universal alert  noddy  Aug 19 99 
 alert your group/team/family anywhere, anytime 
 restaurant payment protocol  jutta  Aug 20 99 
 Hand out the credit card as you say "Check, please". 
 my first URL  jutta  Aug 22 99 
 Toy blocks for the net-literate toddler 
 waiting party line  jutta  Aug 22 99 
 Have people waiting for customer service talk to each other 
 Hot Spare, Inc.  jutta  Aug 30 99 
 Redundant Array of Expensive Consumer Goods 
 sound-seeking swivel base  jutta  Aug 31 99 
 Camera base that turns towards sound source 
 personalized postcards  jutta  Sep 01 99 
 Send a postcard with yourself in it. 
 NetJukeBox  shahid  Sep 07 99 
 Personal NetAppliance, mp3, Linux, speech recognition. cable modem, DSL, wireless 
 paint world  jutta  Sep 10 99 
 Doom meets Natural Media Painting meets MUD 
 astronomer's clock  jutta  Sep 15 99 
 clock with adjustable speed 
 bidding for greens  sdpinpdx  Sep 19 99 
 Auction off green lights to people who are really in a hurry 
 optimizing food assemblies  tenhand  Sep 22 99 
 Maximize properties of food using technological overkill 
 Internet Payment Network  ecolonsmak  Sep 29 99 
 Wire money over the internet using conventional routing information. 
 speed maps  jutta  Oct 03 99 
 Street maps that indicate travel speed 
 turn maps  jutta  Oct 03 99 
 Street maps that indicate the routes more travelled 
 broadcast encryption  tesumner  Oct 31 99 
 secure group messaging 
 posing  jutta  Nov 05 99 
 Michelangelo's "Bob" 
 TV for Windows CE  ecolonsmak  Nov 15 99 
 TV tuners for Windows ce devices would be awsome. 
 P.I.Box  jutta  Nov 25 99 
 P.O.Box service + webcam 
 mailbox-XL  jutta  Nov 25 99 
 A safe drop-off box for packages. 
 sushi furniture  jutta  Nov 25 99 
 People are fish. 
 Road tunes  bod  Nov 30 99 
 Tunes from the road 
 Distributed computing trinkets  cosma  Dec 03 99 
 SETI@Home in cute, disposable gadgets 
 wonder woman's living room  monstro  Dec 17 99 
 A living room where everything is completely see-thru. 
 cradle bed  jutta  Dec 17 99 
 Bed with back panel(s) 
 ViewDot  bear  Dec 21 99 
 Collabrative broadcasting as the wave of the future. 
 info locker  efader  Jan 03 00 
 store my personal info - not files or email!!!! 
 new knees, hips  dean  Jan 06 00 
 Old knees, hips are inferior 
 Social Workspace  jimfl  Jan 13 00 
 Sometimes you want to be alone, sometimes you don't 
 mile attorney  jutta  Jan 24 00 
 Tax attorney for frequent flyer miles 
 next url  jimfl  Jan 28 00 
 HTML tag to facilitate navication in a standard way. 
 Low-pass filter for news  cosma  Jan 28 00 
 Filter out the stories which don't say anything new 
 Regenerate Art  cosma  Jan 28 00 
 Pictures that grow themselves 
 NiftySquick.com  cosma  Jan 28 00 
 The answer to "where do you get your ideas?" 
 SearchTracker  dean  Feb 02 00 
 Filter out duplicate search URLs 
 007 alarm clock  djoseph  Feb 03 00 
 The alarm clock you must shoot to snooze 
 Quantum Time Reversal  dean  Feb 05 00 
 DNA + quantum dot array, used as a quantum time reveral mirror 
 massage mattress  jutta  Feb 11 00 
 Bed with a face hole for stomach-sleepers 
 cargocult.com  dean  Feb 12 00 
 Plug in computer, start getting checks 
 broadcast cryptanalysis  dnm  Mar 02 00 
 AKA: The Chinese Lottery 
 BrakeLight  jshare  Mar 02 00 
 Bargraph to show decceleration 
 Lego programming  johan  Mar 02 00 
 Design hardware and software using Lego. 
 gps alarm watch  dbday  Mar 02 00 
 instead of setting an alarm based on time, set it based on location 
 shareware variants  Eeyore  Mar 02 00 
 Extensions to the "Shareware", "Nagware", "Freeware" list 
 A new business plan  rmutt  Mar 02 00 
 Is this one patentable? 
 Angry Mob Cryptanalysis  mab  Mar 03 00 
 Democratic alternative to key escrow 
 E-polaroid  anachron  Mar 03 00 
 Digital cam plus inkjet; hand-held 
 disintegrated browser  baf  Mar 03 00 
 Break up web apps into small, independent components 
 Truth-videocam  anachron  Mar 03 00 
 Tamper-proof videocam equipped with GPS receiver and encryption 
 startup: the computer game  baf  Mar 03 00 
 Tech company sim/strategy game 
 Tai Chi UI  johan  Mar 03 00 
 Control computers with Tai Chi. 
 VoulezVousCouchez  manylulus  Mar 03 00 
 Celebrity Full Length Body Pillows 
 zero-gravity executive desk toys  Clopedion  Mar 03 00 
 In space, no one can hear the click-clack of that gizmo with the metal balls on wires. 
 Game->Work Lib  johan  Mar 03 00 
 Map actions in games to logical "work." 
 Theme Park Leash  koz  Mar 03 00 
 Keep kids on a leash at amusement parks. 
 billgee doll  hotdog  Mar 03 00 
 Blame it on Bill Gates 
 asteroider  hotdog  Mar 03 00 
 piss 'em off and throw stones 
 ElectroTattoo  waynej  Mar 04 00 
 Tattoos created using electrically conductive inks. 
 Cab Light  bgreenman  Mar 04 00 
 Hail a Cab At Night Or Walking Away 
 Josh  jgreenman  Mar 04 00 
 Gun that takes photograph of shooter and registers exact moment of every shot on microchip 
 eyecam  jgreenman  Mar 04 00 
 glass eye camera 
 Cable Goo  squiid  Mar 04 00 
 Spray out a new cable when you need it 
 love PIN  mush  Mar 04 00 
 the no-risk approach to dating 
 multiple cluster size drive  joltrushsoon  Mar 05 00 
 use different sections of a drive with different size clusters to manage space 
 halfbakery channel  syost  Mar 05 00 
 Create a halfbakery channel for my.netscape.com and my.userland.com 
 license.com  dean  Mar 05 00 
 Your driver's license as a .com 
 education  mush  Mar 05 00 
 ...betcha nobody ever thought of this before... 
 Inter-car communication  hippo  Mar 06 00 
 A simple device for sending messages between cars 
 temperature controlled keyboard  dan  Mar 06 00 
 Keep your hands warm or cool 
 Car sniffles begone  quanta  Mar 06 00 
 Dashboard-mounted (or centre console) tissue dispenser 


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