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Originally joined HB in 2006 and hung around (naively) using my real name until 2013. Lurked nameless on and off since then. Back after a long hiatus, older but not necessarily any wiser.

a1-halfbakery at protonmail dot com


(other bits saved for future use)


Wednesday is as good a day as any other. Just harder to spell.


Hi! Hello, stranger! You seem to be a little lost. This site is the halfbakery, a forum for poorly thought-out ideas for inventions.

Please take your political discussions to, oh, I don't know, JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET.

Thank you.

—jutta, Jun 17 2021


[Mar 03 2021, last modified Jun 17 2021]

(+5) Bathroom fan auto-switch & timer
(+5) Blanket Yanker
(+2, -1) Browsing History Replacement
(+6) Coffee grounds ground into ground
 Dead Drop Delivery
(+5) Discreet Walker
(+3, -1) Election by animals
(+2) Electrically expanded seatbelt and airbag
(+8)(+8) Fact Checkers
(+5) Flip-It medicine bottle rack
(+7) Life Insurance Parimutuel
(+2) Pristine Ideas Conservation and Preservation Society
 Rain-clearing eyewear
(+2) Recycle Mask Material
(+2, -1) Restaurant Delivery Comparison App
(+3) Retirement Countdown Calculator
(+5) Screw You Marking Pen
(+4) Scroll to end link
(+4) Self cleaning dining room table
(+6) Self measuring decanter
(+6) Serviceable Pocket Door
 Sex Toy Dissection Site
(+2) Smokey gets in your eyedrops
(+3) Temporary Exhaust Fan
(+2) The Ozonator
(+7) Variable height raised beds

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